Copper Cathode Grade A 99.97% - 99.99%- Đồng Tấm Cathode

Copper Cathode Grade A 99.97% - 99.99%- Đồng Tấm Cathode

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Thông tin cơ bản

Copper Cathode Grade A 99.97% - 99.99%- Đồng Tấm Cathode



1. Commodity: Copper Cathode Grade A 

2. Purity: 99.97%-99.99%

3. Country of origin: Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C), Kazakhstan 

4. Terms of Payment: SBLC MT760/TT/DLC MT 700 Irrevocable, Non-Transferable, and Confirmed. SBLC/DLC in compliance with ICC UCP 600 or ISP98, conveyed through SWIFT MT760/MT700. 

This SBLC/DLC, issued by a top 50 bank, serves as a payment guarantee for one-month shipments, validity 13 months + 1day.

Payment for each shipment, totaling 100% of the invoice amount, will be made via SWIFT MT103 upon presentation of the required shipping documents. 

SBLC/DLC has to be in the form acceptable to the seller and the seller’s bank. (The seller can claim no responsibility in the event that the financial instrument reasonably refused.) 

Financial instruments as per UCP 600 code; and any revisions as set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Any deviation from the above payment terms is subject to acceptance by the seller. 

Performance Bond: Seller will issue 2% PB 3-5 days after confirmation of SBLC from seller bank of the value of the SBLC MT760/DLC MT 700.

5. Delivery: CIF (we can also offer FOB terms if requested).

6. Inspection: Quantity and quality, weigh by SGS or equivalent at seller cost at loading port.



Specification Chemical Composition Copper Cathode


Elements Value Elements Value
Copper Cu 99.97% Min Manganese Mn/ppm 0.1
Cobalt Co/ppm 0.2 Belerium Be/ppm 0.5
Lead Pb/ppm 0.2 Aluminium Al/ppm 0.5
Iron Fe/ppm 2 Magnesium Mn/ppm 0.4
Nickel Ni/ppm 0.2 Silver Ag/ppm 10
Antimony Sb/ppm 5 Sulphur S/ppm 4
Arsenic As/ppm 0.1 Tin Sn/ppm 0.5
Silica Si/ppm 0.3 Zinc Zn/ppm 0.5
Selenium Se/ppm 0.3 Cadmium Cd/ppm 0.3
Tellurium Te/ppm 0.05 Oxigen O2 Nil
Bismuth Bi/ppm 0.1 Non – Radioactivity


Dimension 914mm x 914mm x 12mm (appr.36”x 36”x0,5”)
Weight Of Each Sheet: 125kgs (+/- 1%)
Net Weight Of Each Pallet: 2 MTS (+/- 1%)
Min. Weight In Each Container: 20 MTS approx.
Gross Weight Of Each Container: 22.20 MTS approx.
Packing: Palletized banded by aluminum bands in Bunndles


Procedure Copper Cathode

1. The buyer submits a Letter of Intent (LOI).
2. The seller submits a Full Corporate Offer (FCO), which will be signed by both the buyer and seller.
3. The seller presents a draft contract (SPA) to the buyer.
4. Buyer and seller negotiate and endorse the final draft contract.
5. The seller verifies, signs, and returns the final contract to the buyer.
6. Both parties lodge the signed contract with their respective banks. The exchange of the contract with the buyer shall be by electronic transmission/fax or courier services.
7. Buyer and Seller enter into a Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure, and Working Agreement (NCNDA/IMFPA) with all relevant parties involved.
8. The buyer opens a Documentary Credit at Sight /SBLC MT760/DLC MT 700 Irrevocable, Non-Transferable, and Confirmed in favor of the seller.
9. The seller ships the goods as per the contract terms and presents all the required documents to the bank for payment.
10.The bank releases payment to the seller as per the terms of the SBLC MT760/DLC MT 700.
11.The transfer of funds for each shipment will be via the SBLC MT760/DLC MT 700 after SGS (or similar) confirms the Quantity and Quality report at the destination port within 72 hours.
12. The commissions are fully covered by the seller and will be promptly paid to each appointed paymaster or beneficiary within 24 hours after each delivery, in strict accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions.

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